Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nail Art: Super Mario Brothers

*insert awkward introduction here*

I’m sorry; it was like forever when I last did this so pardon my babbling.

It has been long since I last drew something on my nails; at least something as intricate as this. I’ve been uninspired to do nail art for the last couple of months, and believe me, not for the lack of trying. I always end up painting my nails solid color; I just don’t want them bare.

Enough of the ramblings. What I have today is a Super Mario Brothers inspired nails.

I used Caronia Touch of Beige on my thumb and pinky, Chic Gummy Bear on my pointer, OMG White Out on my middle and Sassy Colors Neon Red on my ring.

I drew everything using nail art brush and dotting tool. There’s Mario’s and Luigi’s cap on my pointer and ring. I drew the mushrooms on my thumb and pinky. Don’t ask me what they do. I can’t recall. I just know that they were power ups. And the star in the middle. Again, don’t ask And finished off with a clear top coat.

I initially went for a shiny finish but decided on a matte one for a more cartoony look.

I like the matte one better. I’m fairly happy with the way this one turned out, though the star in the middle could’ve been better.

What do you guys think? Comments are always welcome.

Colors Used:
Caronia Touch of Beige
OMG White Out
OMG Black Out
Chic Gummy Bear
Sassy Neon Red

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