Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Nail Art: Fireflies and Sunset

Hello Lovelies!

Forgive my lack of post. What I have for you now is a nail art that I used as an entry to one of the local nail art contest. This is requiring a magical nail design. Since I am not really creative, I did what I always do to get inspirations. I got to Google and searched for “magical nail art”. I tried scrolling to look for something that would interest me. Then I saw Chalkboard Nails’. And I know I just had to try.

I started my background with a gradient using the colors of sunset. My nails aren’t that long so the last color is almost non existent.

On this I used GirlStuff Lav and Tangerine Burst and Caronia Tequila Sunrise and Lemon Cool.

I then drew on some grass silhouette using thin nail art brush and OMG Black Out. I also tried doing the firefly halo using Chalkboard Nails’ Cloudy Bubble Tutorial. I’m not really good at following instructions. So even after she said that she doubts that it’ll work with nail polish, I can’t not try. I used Caronia Lemon Cool as the halo and GirlStuff Lemon Drops as the firefly.

I used a fast dry top coat before finishing off with GirlStuff Matte Magic. I forgot to take picture of the glossy version so I only have this.

The fireflies doesn’t really look like it, but I love its effect nonetheless. My nieces thinks their nice too. Although they though those circles were moons. I can’t really blame them

What do you think? Comments are always welcome.

Colors used:

GirlStuff Lemon Drops
GirlStuff Tangerine Burst
GirlStuff Lav
Caronia Lemon Cool
Caronia Tequila Sunrise

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