Monday, October 17, 2016

Nail Swatch - Girl Stuff Tangerine Burst

I’ve been out and about for some time and haven’t been able to do a recent nail post. As I look at it, it seems that this blog (and most of my other social media accounts) are leaning into books. It’s actually hard for me to find time to paint my nails recently, much less, take a decent photo of them. It’s kind of easier to actually just talk about books since it wouldn’t require many photos. Plus, you can’t really paint your nails while in a bus, right? When I first started collaborating a nail and book blog, which is two of my favorite things to do, I was planning to post them alternately. But due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to follow my own rules.

Anyway, just to break the trend, I’m posting a recent (not new) nail swatch. Here is a shot of Girl Stuff Tangerine Burst.

This is taken indoors, at night under white (not sure what specifically) light. I’m not really a big fan of orange. But for some strange reasons, I actually find orange polishes attractive, even if it normally darkens my skin tone. Tangerine Burst is a yellow-orange (leaning more into the orange) regular cream polish. Consistency is okay, though it thickens as you go along, so you’d have to roll it between palms when applying after 3 or four nails. But the pigmentation is great since it’ll only take 2 medium coats to achieve full coverage. It also finishes glossy. But just to even things out, I still used a top coat for this.

Here’s a shot under direct sunlight.

And here’s another outdoors under shade.

Girl Stuff Tangerine burst is available at Girl Stuff Kiosks and branches for only P100. What do you guys think?

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