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Cover Reveal: NYC Series - Alora Kate


NYC Series Cover Reveal!

The NYC Series by Alora Kate

Book 1: A Beautiful Heartbreak

a plain jane and a complicated lawyer

Release Date: 16th September

Book 2: A Beautiful Acceptance

a notorious flirt and a broody ex-fighter

Release Date: 16th October

Book 3: A Beautiful Forgiveness

a broken beauty and a fierce protector

Release Date: 16th November

Genre: Romantic Suspense

(must be read in order)

Welcome to the NYC Series cover reveal!

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A Beautiful Heartbreak (the NYC series, #1)

A plain Jane process server and private investigator.

A complicated, high-powered lawyer.

No one said that life in New York City was going to be easy.

So, when Ki’s life gets completely flipped upside down,

she seeks the safety of a disorganized man of few words.

Is he the hero Ki needs, or will he push her away?

This is the first book in the NYC Series and must be read in order.

Get ready for Alora Kate’s newest Romantic Suspense series.

ABH book 1.jpg

A Beautiful Acceptance (the NYC series, #2)

A notorious flirt and private investigator.

A broody ex-fighter unable to step into the ring again.

Alexa Tanner lives her life alone.

Never knowing what it was like to be loved.

Tapper Low misses the ring and is having

a hard time accepting his new life.

Alexa and Tapper have a past.

A past that comes back to interrupt their lives,

making them both think about the future.

Can they get over what happened in the past and start new,

or will their tempers and independent

ways make them go their separate ways?

This is the second book in Alora Kate’s NYC series,

and must be read after A Beautiful Heartbreak.

ABC book 2.jpg

A Beautiful Forgiveness (the NYC series, #3)

A broken beauty who's hit rock bottom.

A fierce protector who battles his demons every day.

London lives her life with no regrets, until that one moment

that steals her light and leaves her in the dark.

Lucas' past is where it belongs, in the past; he’s moved on,

but when London’s forced into his life, will his past come back to haunt him?

Will London learn how to move on from the worst moment of her life?

Will Lucas stumble and fall back into his past?

Or will they help each other figure out how to overcome their demons together?

This is the conclusion to Alora Kate’s NYC series, and must be read after A Beautiful Heartbreak and A Beautiful Acceptance.

ABF book 3.jpg

About The Author:

Alora Kate is a multi-genre author who likes to be bold and original; stepping outside of the box and bringing her readers fresh characters from all parts of life. She’s a mother, college student, photographer, and graphic designer. She resides in northern MN with her son, where she plans to stay for a long time despite the cold winters.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Book Review: Thieves 2 Lovers - K Webster and JD Hollyfield

Best friends aren’t supposed to kiss.
But these best friends did.

He can’t get the taste of her lips off his mind.
She can’t let go of the guilt from her mistake.

He wants to be good enough for her.
She wishes life were different.

He’s the bad boy reject.
She’s the girl next door.

When opposites attract, they collide and create an explosion that can’t be ignored.
Is it possible to be madly in love with your best friend?

Love follows no rules because love is a rebel.

Her: We should talk about what's happening…
Him: It's about damn time.

Thieves 2 Lovers, Book 3


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Other books in the series:

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This was supposed to be up yesterday. But life got in the way. Thieves 2 Lovers is the last installation for the 2 Lovers series. I am pretty impressed on how they wrapped things up. This series is my first Hollyfield book and I can safely say that this wouldn’t be my last.

I’ve loved the series so much that I was expecting a lot more into this last book of the series. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint. I like how it made me feel while I was reading their story; like I can feel their pain and joy. Both POVs were expressed beautifully that they seem to come out into life. It’s kind of ironic because I think the story is a little cliché but with a twist. The story is as real as it can get, and I like my books to be more relatable rather than something out of pure fantasy. I also liked that they have injected a more current time which is the tumblr which makes me curious  of what was actually hidden there.

The characters are as real as they can get. It is easy to connect with the characters and understand how they are and why they do those things. It’s easy to love the characters because at one point or another, we have been exactly like them. It’s easier to understand and connect to a story if the characters were showcased enough for the readers to actually feel that they are somewhat like them. Although I would’ve love a little more drama with the HR guy.

Overall, I’d give this five stars. It was a very good wrap up of the series. I also liked how the epilogue was laid out.

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