Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nail Art: Stapled Nails

Hi guys!

I haven’t had many (if there’s any) nail art inspirations recently. And if you would notice, I have been lacking nail posts, too. And believe me, it’s not for lack of trying. I've been wanting to do and post nail art but inspiration is nowhere to be found. But seeing Cutepolish’s nail art in my IG feed, motivation hit me big time. So for today, I’m sharing with you some gory nail art, in time for the Halloween.

I started out with a base color from Max & More. This is an unpopular brand that my mom brought me when she last visited. I believe it’s something bought off a “dollar store” or something. It’s a very sheer pink polish that comes in a set for French tips. I used two coats for this. It’s so sheer that it looks almost bare on my nails.

Then I added on some Girl Stuff Matte Magic to make it look duller. This is actually necessary for the next step as well. After letting the top coat dry a bit for few minutes, you’d actually have to create the “torn skin” by dragging a dotting tool. You’d have to make sure that the polish is dry enough to touch but still wet enough to actually ruin bits of it. This will create the illusion of a peeling skin.

The tutorial used three shades of red. But after rummaging thru my stash, I realized that I haven’t had much red nail polish and I’m wondering why that is since I do like red on my nails. Because of that I was only able to use two shades, so it’s a little bit failed on that. I used Sassy Neon Red first and OMG Salsa on top of it. Since Salsa and Neon Red are almost of the same shade, I added a few drops of black polish into Salsa to make a deeper shade of red. This actually looked gorier in the picture than in real life.

To make it seem morbid, I added some striping stickers to make it seem like I stapled my nails shut. This is where I failed. I actually watched the tutorial during an idle time at work and was not able to take note exactly how it’s done. And being not so creative per se, I actually forgot that if you “staple” or puncture your nails, you have to be bleeding on the tiny hole it made. Notice that I didn’t really do that here. Si it may have been the reason why it didn’t look like I’m trying to staple them together.

Nonetheless, I still liked how it turned out. But being a pansy that I am, I knew right from the start that I wouldn’t be able to sport this look longer than after taking their pictures. So I only did this on one of my hands and immediately removed it right after the pictorial. We don’t really celebrate Halloween here or dress up as much as other countries do, but I think this is a pretty cool way to up your inner creepiness.

What do you guys think?

Colors used:
Sassy Neon Red
OMG Salsa
Max & More Pink

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