Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Book Review: Text 2 Lovers - K Webster and JD Hollyfield


K Webster did it again. This is only the fourth book of hers that I read, and I am amazed at how she got me hooked. While this is the first book of J.D. Hollyfield that I read, I would say that I’m impressed. Their combination is a blast to admire.

I’ve been in a book slump lately and been reading only ARCs that are due for review. And I am so glad that this is one of them. Although this book has not lifted me out of that slump, it definitely has been one of the very few books that had me hooked. I wasn’t able to put the book down. I had to forego sleep yet again. I missed those moments where I’m feeling sleep deprived because I was up way after bedtime just to read a good book.

Although the plot was hilarious, amusing and on the lighter side, it still gave me that gutted feeling that I am always aiming for in a story. The plot was very well written that it brings me to a whole new different world. And I loved that each author wrote each of the POV. And yes, I am proud of myself to actually guess who wrote who. *insert smug grin* The story was fiction enough to enjoy but also realistic enough that it could really happen in real life. I almost considered texting some random number just to see if I will be able to find my Ramsey. Almost. I love that it was fast paced but still had all the details necessary for you to enjoy a good plot.

The characters are also created in such a way that you could actually relate to them. I sometimes see myself as a Dani and could relate how hard it is to actually say No. it was actually the one of the main reason why I love her so much. There was some fierce “inner goddess” in her that is ignited only by the right person and is solely for that person’s enjoyment. Ram, although not as alpha, still knows how to take care of what is his.

This is my first five star read of 2017. I think I have already explained well enough why I gave that rating right? So far, I have yet to read a K Webster book that I didn’t like. And yes, this is a good introduction for JD Hollyfield for me.


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