Saturday, May 14, 2016

Book Review: Lovestruck Singles Edition

Read: 2015

The first Lovestruck book that I read was the “Love Mo Siya, Love Ka Ba Niya” edition. And because I loved the laidback way of writing of Ronald Molmisa, I bought all the other edition. But the next one I read was the Singles Edition.

My niece and I would sometimes read book together. I would read the book aloud and she would listen to it. Just like a live audiobook. Being adolescent and in the process of finding herself, I read this book with her at one point.

I love that the book was written in “Taglish” (Tagalog-English), making it more appealing to the general public. Along with all the recent happenings and reality of the real world, the book shows how a single person should behave as a Christian. I liked that it tackles how to live in a world where peer pressure is present and where all the sins are tempting but at the same time serve the Lord and be one of His followers.

Unfortunately, at least for me, towards the end, it focused mainly on how to be in a relationship with someone but still have God as a center of that relationship. I was actually kind of hoping that it would discuss how to be a grateful single Christian instead of “pushing” you to get a partner and be in a relationship. I guess I should’ve anticipated that as the title suggest “Lovestruck”. Nonetheless, I’d still give this book 3 out of 5 stars

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