Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Book Review: A Thousand Letters - Staci Hart

A Thousand Letters is the first Staci Hart that I received. The title and blurb is promising and made me expect some heart-wrenching love story. But neither prepared me on the book itself.

I know the story doesn’t really revolve around it, or at least I’m assuming that it is not the way the author is focusing on. But the father story is what actually strikes me more, maybe because it hits a nerve. I felt more heart broken with Rick’s story than the all the rest. Although the character build up was good. I can’t decide if I like Wade. He is created as realistic as it can get. Not the typical boyfriend you get to meet in your books. Something like a breath of fresh air from all the other book boyfriend we always dream about, which is also the same reason why I can’t love him enough. Maybe I like the way book boyfriends are created in way that we get a glimpse of happy ever after. Something that will give us a glimpse and hope that there is someone out there. Although he did redeem himself a bit in the end but generally, he’s just okay. He’s not so bad, but not enough for me to list him under my book boyfriend. On the other hand, I love the way Elliot was written. I can actually relate to her, being a little bit of a pushover myself. She gave me hope that I can do better. So I was able to connect to her and understood her perfectly. I just wish I could be just as strong as her.

The story in its entirety is just okay for me. The only thing that made my heart break so much was the father. And part of that is because I’m just a sucker for family stories as it is. Although the story didn’t really focus much on that, I guess I just missed the parts that actually reach out to me as a romance novel. I didn’t quite connect to their story. Part of it was because I do not agree with the choices they make and the situation they got themselves into. And part of it was because I feel something missing on their story. It was not built in a way that would make me root for them.

Overall, I’d still give this 4 out of 5 stars just because I love Rick so much. But I’d give it a 3 for romance, because it doesn’t really strike to me as a romance story

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