Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Book Review: Tempting Sophia - Jessica Prince

Tempting Sophia by Jessica Prince
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publishing Date: November 2nd, 2017

Having my heart broken once was enough to make me give up on the idea of love all together. Instead of searching for The One I decided to embrace variety and turn by back on monogamy. I made a living convincing women they didn’t need a man to feel complete.

And I totally rocked at it.

Until the man who shattered my happily ever after came waltzing back into my life, determined to make me fall for him all over again.

He claims that I’m the love of his life. He wants a second chance, and it seems like he’ll stop at nothing to tempt the hell out of me. But if Dominic Abbatelli thinks he can win me back with his puppy dog eyes, heartfelt apologies, and declarations of love then he’s...probably right.

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Indie authors are normally a hit or miss. When I signed up to receive a copy of Tempting Sophia, I didn’t realize that it was from an author that I have already reviewed in the past until I saw my Kindle library. And after reading this, I think it’s safe to say that she will be on my “hit list”.

Tempting Sophia is a second chance romantic comedy that will make you believe that true love is always out there. Although the book is listed under the author’s stand alones, I think it is best read with Seducing Lola (first) and Enticing Daphne (coming soon) as they are inter-connected. Although the ending is pretty much predictable, what will happen in between is still something to excite me. It was pretty straightforward and just the right pace. And since it was a second chance love story, it is kind of acceptable for me that she made the timeline that way. It also made me fall in love and hurt with the characters along the way. I know how hard for it for authors to actually reach out and make the readers feel what exactly are the characters feeling, but I think Prince was able to achieve that, considering that I haven’t really been in that place.

Although, I didn’t really like how Sophia acted and reacted on some of the scenarios, I love how dedicated she is with the people she loves that she is willing to let go of her own feelings just to make sure the people she loves get what they deserve. And it’s also a plus that she was raised and loved by a single dad and basically a bad-ass. I just hoped her dad showed up more. Dominic is definitely every lady’s man. Come on, he cooks for crying out loud. Okay, maybe that’s just me. But who doesn’t want a man who woos his girl by some pretty sumptuous meal? He also shows flaw without really coming across as weak. He’s realistic and ideal all in one package.

Overall, I’ll give this 4 out of 5 stars. It made me laugh and hurt and fall in love, enough to cherish it. But I think there’s more we can add into it for a 5 star.

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