Thursday, May 11, 2017

Book Review: Chance Encounter - Jessica Prince

There are three kinds of nerdy women in the world.
- The Sexy Nerd
- The Confident Nerd; and
- The So-Socially-Awkward-it’s-Painful-to-Watch Nerd.

You can probably guess which one I am. After witnessing me making a fool of myself, Chance Hoffman decided to take pity on me. He’s smart, sexy, charming, and totally out of my league… and for some unexplainable reason, he wants to help me. Who am I to say no? Besides, I need all the assistance I can get.

There are three things that make a woman irresistible.
- Confidence
- A Wicked Sense of Humor; and
- A Killer Rack.

Melany Fitzgerald had none of those things. Or so I thought… until I really got to know her. She’s the total package and she doesn’t even realize it. Now I’m stuck with the uncomfortable task of helping her land another guy, all the while trying to ignore the fact that I’m starting to fall for her.

She thinks she’s an ugly duckling and wants to become a swan. All I want is her. And I’m not giving up without a fight.

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I’ve been procrastinating my reading these past few days. I’m just getting by one ARC at a time. I’ve been swamped with workload and things I’d need to study. And Jessica Prince is one of the few reads I’ve enjoyed reading.

Chance Encounter’s blurb got me interested, and it didn’t fail. The story went smoothly and it was fun reading it. The story timeline was realistic for a love story to build on. Not an insta-love but not so much as love that was there ever since the world began. The plot made sense and can be relatable. It was written in way that it covered most if not all of the aspect of the plot that doesn’t leave much of a loophole. I liked that the timeline was consistent and steady. It wasn’t fast paced but not slow moving as well. It pinched my heart just the right amount to feel the characters emotions.

I liked the way the characters are described too. Melany, although a little awkward, is not so much as a pushover. I feel bad about what she went thru but despite it all, she remained a good spirited and kind hearted. And I loved what she did for Chance. Something not all girls, even those not suffering what she has, could actually do. I especially loved Chase. He is confident and cheeky but not in an annoying kind of way. And I liked that he knows how to show emotion. I loved how he treated Melany with utmost care. I also love the little snippets of the Trio of Terror. Despite their disgusting behavior, they’re quite adorable.

I’d give this a 4.5 stars. Almost a five but not quite and not quite a four too. Just the right amount of humor and smut that I’ll recommend it to someone who wanted a new book boyfriend on their list. Yes, Chase Hoffman is definitely coming in my list.

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