Friday, May 26, 2017

Book Review: Emilia (Part 1) - Lisa Cardiff

Title: Emilia: Part 1
Series: Trassato Crime Family #3
**Author:*" Lisa Cardiff
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 16, 2017

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Freedom and a meaningful life away from the violence of the Trassato Crime Family is all I ever wanted…

But what I want doesn’t matter now that I’m caught in a tug of war between two men in the dangerous world of organized crime.

Marcello Masciantonio is the man my father expects me to marry. He wants me because I’m the daughter of Dominick Trassato, New York’s most powerful crime boss. He says he’s my future, and I want to hate him, but I can’t deny the spark that burns between us.

Salvatore D’Amico is perfect. He supports me. He understands me. He’s willing to betray my father and give up his family to have me. He doesn’t care about the power that comes with being part of my family. He wants me for me.

My choice is simple, right?


Everyone has an agenda, including Salvatore and Marcello, and just when I think I have everything figured out, I realize I don’t know a damn thing.

Truths are lies. Freedom is lonely. But worst of all…

My love triangle is actually a hate triangle.

This should’ve been posted a week ago. But because of some unforeseen events, I wasn’t able to get into it even if I wanted to. Now I’m second guessing my choices.

I really love reading stories that make you feel alive, make you feel things you normally wouldn’t, something that will actually get a reaction our of you. And Emilia did just that. I nearly threw my phone when I came to the twist of events, cursing and all that kind of things. The story lags in the first few parts but when it escalated, it really did put up with its name. It kept me on my toes and the fact that you don’t know how the story is going to end make it a lot more interesting. The only thing that’s keeping me from loving it full force is a few Italian words here and there. But not really much of deal breaker and not something I can’t look up.

I’m at a loss for words on what to say about the characters. I liked them at one point but then I wanted to hate them in another. I keep second guessing what the characters would do. Sometimes I’m right, and sometimes not. Emilia’s responses on how the men in her life treat her are acceptable if she came from a regular family. But I think if you come from a family that’s all crimes and mafias; it would’ve made you more apprehensive. But that wasn’t the case for her. But it was okay nonetheless because it gave the story much depth, at least for me. I was torn between Sal and Marcello. Both would’ve been good at one point in Emilia’s life.

I would give this 4.5 stars, mainly because it kept me on my toes and kept me excited. One thing that I didn’t understand was why they would’ve “five years ago” at the beginning of the story when the whole novel was actually five years ago, if you get what I mean. But overall, this is one interesting read and I can’t wait for the part two to be released.

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